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Note: Streakers are currently unavailable pending a new production run.
PIXE Streakers

The PIXE International STREAKER is a time-sequenced air-particulate sampler designed to produce one or two aerosol size fractions especially suited for ion beam and light absorption analyses. Simplicity of design and use of quality materials combine to make it rugged and dependable.

Versatile and easy to operate, discrete sampling times from 1 second to 99 hours are switch selectable. Total sampling times can range from minutes to months or longer. The spacing between samples is switch selectable in 0.25 degrees per step with a total sample range of 315 degrees. Various filtering options allow different modes of particulate collection such as two-size fraction (PM 2.5 + PM 10) sampling, total-suspended-particulate (TSP) sampling or fine-fraction sampling.

The Streaker model S2P operates from a 12 VDC battery or power supply with low power consumption for extended field use. Quartz timing provides high accuracy. The modest vacuum requirement of 1 liter/minute flow rate is obtainable from diaphragm pumps.

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PIXE Streaker
Air flow of one liter per minute enters the inlet non-moving impaction stage (usually l0 Ám cut-off) followed by a rotating impaction stage (2.5 Ám cut-off) and exits via a rotating filter stage which is retentive for the smaller particles. The air flow is illustrated in image above. The impaction surface (part SF-1K) is coated Kapton and the filter (part SF-1N) is 0.4Ám Nuclepore (PCTE). The preimpactor (part PR-1K or PR-1N) can be coated Kapton or 0.4 Ám Nuclepore (PCTE).

The impaction and filter collectors are readily analyzed for their elemental contents using ion-beam methods such as proton induced x-ray emission (PIXE). PIXE analyses are available on both commercial and research bases from private corporations, national laboratories and universities on a world-wide scale.

Cross-sectional exploded view of Streaker sampler model S2P showing the component parts.


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Accessories are also available.

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PIXE Streaker

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